Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tackling the Landscaping of our new home...May, 2014

Spring time means time to landscape the front of our new home.  RJ Landscaping draws up plans and promises easy maintenance, drought tolerant, perennials bursting with color.  We leave it to him to choose the best plants. He doesn't like Nandinas so they were removed and replanted among the rose bushes at church.  

 Robert (the R in RJ) doesn't like the gutter showing in the flower bed so he digs a hole and brings the gutter under the sidewalk, ending it in the middle of the front yard.  The entire sprinkler system must be redesigned so watering the garden is on a separate system from the lawn. 

 The old mulch is removed and fresh soil with lots of nutrients is laid.  The garden area is surrounded by a plastic edging.

Extensive work is done to reconfigure the sprinkler system and the guttering.

 A drip system is installed to efficiently water the plants.

 The plants arrive!

 It feels like Christmas...with surprises galore!

As soon as the drip system is completed 
with black weed preventing tarp laid, the planting begins.

The profusion of color is starting to take shape.

It takes hours to plant all the various specimen.

Rock cover is back ordered.  Must wait about a week for bed to be finished.

Finally, the rock is delivered.  Bed is complete!

We landscaped the backyard ourselves.  With the help of Patrick, who visited recently,we put up a fence to hide the burn pile.  Eventually we will dig up the grass, installa border, and make it look more professional.  
But, for now, we enjoy the view from our living room windows.

Mom and Dad's deer will always have a home with us!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our 2013 Trip to Post Falls!

September brought us back to Post Falls to visit Patrick, Amanda, and their children.
We, again, stayed at Templins where we enjoyed a room with a view!

Patrick brings the kids so they can share the view too.

We were so excited to see our grandchildren, Ava Marie, Peyton, and newest one, Noah.  

Ava has lots of charm.

Peyton captures attention when he enters a room.

Sweet Noah has his mother's brown eyes.

Their comfortable home and expansive backyard is an ideal place to raise children.

Pa couldn't wait to introduce himself to them again.  He always had waiting arms ready to be filled!

It was so good to see everyone again. 

 Patrick really enjoys fatherhood!

Amanda is a very happy mom!  
She always has one of her children on her lap---where
they love to be!

Nina got her chances to cuddle.

Patrick put his camera expertise to the test 
managing to capture lots of great photos.

These two look an awful lot alike!

It wouldn't be a trip to Post Falls without a visit to Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul's wonderful house and incredible playground.

The Temple home has so many tempting paths for children to explore and
a park-like playground where cousins can meet.

Ava tames the horse.

Peyton looks like a natural on the horse.

Parents and grandparents choose front row seats to watch the action.

No trip to Post Falls would be complete without a visit to 
Amanda's family, the Perezes.  Tammy provided
a delicious usual.  She makes it seem effortless.

It was sad to say goodbye...but we look forward to the next time!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Paul Temple arrives from Post Falls just in time to help
Henry put together the seven seater airplane teeter-totter.
Shane thinks the best thing about the teeter totter is the box it came in.

Kimberly and Luke are getting anxious to try it out.
Almost done!
Wow! So much fun!

Shane does the numbers and realizes he has no teeter-totter partner.
"When will Brendan visit?"
Now on to the next...bigger project....the swing set.
Lucky Paul had to catch a plane back to Post Falls.
Never fear! we have reinforcements!
Ryan Blizzard and Eric Sestak volunteered
to give up two Saturdays to help Henry.
We treated everyone to a dinner at Pellegrinos as payment.
Maria couldn't resist!  She grabbed tools and joined the fun.
It took two Saturdays...five hours each complete the set.
Fortunately, the weather was picture perfect.
Not an easy project.  Definitely takes two or three men (or strong women).
As portions are completed, the testers try it out.
The workers take a break by playing on the teeter totter!
Shane navigates.
Shane is so excited that the set is almost done!
Eric is pretty proud himself!

Slide works!

Kimberly said, "It's like a park!"

Luke quickly learned to land on his feet instead of his bottom.
Now, he has so much fun.